Seasons Change So Do We


Where do we begin and where do we end.
Like the changes of the season we too continue to transform.

Sometime we are so fill with the light inside us that we seem to illuminate.  Bearing the fruits that will help sustain those around us.
Photos by Here I Am/Carrie



Sometimes we feel so full, yet so lonely.Photos by Here I Am/Carrie


Sometimes we may feel the need to hide and go deep into our roots where we find a place of peace and choose to be alone for awhile.Photos by Here I Am/Carrie



Sometimes the warmth of the sun or someone special tells us it’s time to come out.Photos by Here I Am/Carrie



Sometimes after holding in so much for so long we suddenly can’t hold back anymore.  We burst with the beauty that has laid hidden for so long within us.Photos by Here I Am/Carrie



Sometimes there is a calm feeling that all is where it should be.
The healing process begins again.
Photos by Here I Am/Carrie



Sometimes you feel the light within that draws those near.
You hope your growth gives substance and strength to those around you.
Photos by Here I Am/Carrie


May the changes in your life bring what is needed
to help continue to grow.

Have a
Good Morning…   Good Afternoon…  Good Night…
What ever is to you…

Photo & Words

Here I Am/Carrie


Hope said...

HI.. its good to see you post.. I love your story of growth..and change.. you touched some spots as I read your words.. winter is on its way..I think we all feel it.. autumn is so beautiful in its cool breathe. you have such a peaceful place.
thank you for sharing part of your world..
soft hugs

KD said...

Nice work Carrie, interesting to follow a scene as it changes through the seasons. I'm enjoying some of your slideshows too.

Ramblingon said...

I absolutely love seeing that single tree go thru it's seasons. That is something I have not run across in our blog family before. Depictions of the seasons, but not a single tree/bush if you will and all of it's changes.

It does bring to mind all of our changes..or I hope all of us have changes. To remain static and unchanging is sad. We need to be shaped and refined.

Joe said...

Love the seasonal pictures of that tree my friend. Every season does have it's use though admittedly it's sometimes hard to see in the winter. I've noticed so much in life really is a circle and we lose out if we don't appreciate that. It all serves a purpose in God's divine plan. Bless you my friend.

Toodie said...

Love your photos and verse. We have had rain here which seems to be non stop. Outdoor plans have stopped because of the storms, one after the other. The weather map looks like ah convoy of storm cells :-/ I so enjoy your visits and I so enjoy visiting your blog my friend. I send happy thoughts and hugs.

Gerry said...

Hi Carrie, That was a really neat idea to show the changing seasons that way. Like it :)

Here I Am/Carrie said...

Glad everyone is enjoying the changing of the seasons. I have been meaning for so long to do something with these photos of our crabapple tree in the different seasons. This year is doens't have so much fruit. We always leave the apples on this tree for the birds and squirels in the winter. Hugs to everyone..

Beth said...

I love the photos Carrie. The trees are starting change color here now. The narrative with the photos is just perfect.

Rocket Man said...

I love it, Carrie! Now to find a tree to follow throughout the year and see what I can come up with. Thanks for the inspiration!

Dianne ... Walking In His Grace said...

Carrie, I just love your thoughtful words, and photos to match or vis versa. :) It is so nice to see all the different changes, and seasons of this little crap apple tree. I am sure the birds and little critters appreciate your generosity as well.
We all experience change, and hopefully fruitful growth in our lives.

Once again I enjoyed my time here, listening to the birds singing, your Beautiful words and photos. Hope to find you well.
Hugs, Dianne :)

john bord said...

Gonna start referring to ya as the sage of the BC Ranch.

Lisa RedWillow said...

How very stunning your images are the view from the start right thought. I loved what you shared Carrie. Always something intersting to view though your lens. I missed this update and it didnt show up. Mind you I have been on and off and so busy. The weather is nice again. Were back to havest. Hope its nice over the mountains. Hugs

Karo said...

Great the same view at different seasons. I still didn't figure out which tree is crab apples in French...

Rick said...

What a wonderful series Carrie, and the analogy that goes along. I also noticed one constant in all your photos - the evergreen just behind the crab apple - reminds me of God's steadfast hand in our lives throughout all our seasons.