Autumn Ice Sculptures

In a world where things are forgotten like turning a sprinkler off at –10c (about 15F), produces wonders as beautiful as any Autumn color, well not really, but I work with what I have and since I have so little Autumn color here at the ranch I will share instead Autumn Ice Sculptures.  

As many blogs of mine are timeless, there will be some blogs posted here that I will be reposting from my previous blog posts at spaces.  I know many of you from spaces might remember some.  As I have so many new people here I have connected with that I would love to share some of these blogs with as well. So here is one from Oct. 10th 2009.


A little Autumn a lot of Ice..



As the sun peaked over the ridge the light show began.
With sprinkler still going the sparkles were flying.



Caught between the colors of fall and the icy world of winter



Wildflowers were frozen in time..



But their beauty continues to shine in a new dimension.



Baubles formed by blades of grass
like diamonds scattered on the lawn.


From every plant a new sculpture grew..




Reaching for the heavens like a bean stock
till the warmth of the sun ended its growth.



But not before a perennial garden of ice sculptures were formed.



Beauty so fleeting as Autumn color
will be here one day and gone the next.


Whatever season it is for you, find whatever beauty you can.

Reposted from my soon to be closing blog at spaces


Good Morning….  Good Afternoon…  Good Night…

Whatever it is to you…

Photo & Words

Here I Am/Carrie


Technogran said...

What absolutely fantastic shots Carrie! I must have missed this post when you did it over on Spaces. Love as well how you have used the 'reflection' feature in Live Writer with some of them. Wonderful and thanks for sharing.

Gerry said...

Really neat photos Carrie. I wonder if we will soon be seeing ice like that again.

nita said...

Hi Carrie

Magnificient pictures, thank you for reposting them here, it is my first viewing of them. I have downloaded my live spaces to wordpress, really for somewhere to put it. Still wish this hadn't happened in some ways, but we must look for the new thing the Lord is going to do, here on blogger and elsewhere. hugs Nita.

Light-In-A-Box said...

Now that is really neat! Awesome captures Carrie. I really like the pics with the sun rays & lens flare! Your photography is fantastic!

Toodie said...

What a beautiful ice show in your yard! Great photos Carrie. Not that cold here yet but soon I spose. Three more planter pots to empty now then it's baking in the house the rest of the day. I want raised beds next year for planting. Container thing really bummed out but it was a weird year for gardens round here. Enjoy your day my friend!

Joe said...

A not so oldie but a goodie for sure Carrie! Wonderful pictures!

Beth said...

Those photos are amazing. I enjoyed seeing them again.

Lisa said...

This is unforgetable Carrie.The ice makes wonderful art.
Love it.

Ramblingon said...

Oh they are gorgeous!!! Love seeing these. (((HUGS))) I hope to see some more with snow when it flies.

mystafied said...

These are absolutely stunning images Carrie!
I thought that I'd picked out a favourite image but I can't.
They're all so very beautiful!

Garry xox

Lisa said...

I hope you post a Sunday Sunset.. Im going to look and see what I have that maybe hasnt been displayed.
I havent been out. Im way too sore once again.
I hate it. I just hate it.