Looking Closer at the Big Picture

It's a rough and prickly world out there.  So let’s take a closer look to find the beauty that's still in it.

Many in the world only see ugliness and feel unhappy about the future.

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But when one takes a  closer look, beauty and love is still out there to be seen and felt.  Just open your mind and heart to it.


 Never be quick to judge the world, a country, a race or an individual.

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 For most when we really look closely their inner beauty and love are sometimes hidden behind a prickly exterior.


When the spines are removed.

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There often lies a soft sweet heart.


Everyday I hear of or witness small acts of kindness or

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    meet someone who has so much energy to share.     

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They may choose to care about helping people, animals, plants or the earth they walk on.

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For every human that can care about even one of these things help connect us all.

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 Find enjoyment in one or all of these.

 God created it all for us so we could enjoy life here and learn to love under all circumstances.

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 Don't always just look at the big picture and be discouraged.

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When caring about something together we can live better side by side together.


             Look closely and find a detail that shines a light in your heart.


We all view life differently.  Learn to find a part you can view with beauty and love.  Then share it with others.
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Find something to care about and share the love of your interest with others and have a
Good morning…  Good afternoon…  Good night…
Whatever it is to you

Photos and Words

Here I Am/Carrie