Where to Focus in Life

We look here we look there.  We look far away and sometimes up close.  Often we wonder where we should focus in life?

Our big world up close is such a fascinating place,
filled with so many intricacies that tie it all together.
That wonderful web of life.

Photos by Here I Am/Carrie

But when looking at the big picture we often don’t see how
every living thing is somehow depending on another.  We somehow
see it all but see it as separate in the big picture of things.

Photos by Here I Am/Carrie

But when one does focus more on a certain living things
you begin to realize how the big picture fades away and you can now
start to see the details that begin to connect to the web of life.

Photos by Here I Am/Carrie

You begin to see it more clearly as a whole and how it can
relate to the bigger, yet still not quite focused picture of life.

Photos by Here I Am/Carrie

We all find ourselves at these different places where
we focus our lives and feel our connections.

Photos by Here I Am/Carrie

Just remember to always stretch your arms out
and let yourself focus, so you can better understand how
we are all connected to God’s wonderful web of life.

Photos by Here I Am/Carrie

 I hope one day everyone can see clearly on whatever
they are focusing on in their life
and have a

Good Morning…   Good Afternoon…   Good Night…
What ever it is to you.

Photo & Words

Here I Am/ Carrie


Beth said...

A beautiful post Carrie, photos and words!

john bord said...

great stuff

I used to spray those things with hair spray
then lay them on paper and expose them with the enlarger

The little parachutes God gave them to travel in the wind

RedWillow ~ a Beauty seeker said...

Gorgeous Carrie. Lovely Lovely images.

Joe said...

I absolutely love what you did with the angles and the focuses here! Really wonderful Carrie!

Kerrie said...

Stunning Carrie! How wonderful it would be to be there with you. A girl can dream. I'd be skipping through your fields of green with you, stopping to chat, and admiring all the details of God's Creation. Ahh, soaking it all up in His presence. Love to you! Smuggles, Kerrie xoxo

ioan moldovan said...

Many greetings from Romania:)

Michiko Johnson said...

Dear Carrie,
You have a wonderful life just like all the time.
I'am thinking to our all the time with all our friends ..not much to I can see any more...
But you are getting much beautiful your house with out side..
Please when the cold weather coming keep it up your beautiful house and the God's wonderful web of life.
I enjoy my golfing three time in weeks and as I said NOT TOO Much Drinks...
I need to very careful myself.
Love you!

Arlene said...

What a wonderfully and observant post Carrie, enhanced with such beautiful pictures, a masterpiece.It's no wonder you get so many responses.

Arti said...

What a wonderful post! Words flowing like a river and the pictures complementing them. Now a days we tend to focus on too many immaterial things and lose our way. Lovely post with a message. Have a fantastic day Carrie :)

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with everything said above. The wonderful photos and message...I have awake for 3 hours in the wee hours, looking for that focus. It is elusive. Thanks for this post and I will bookmark this specific post and read it and view it often.

Michael (Light-In-A-Box) said...

Excellent blog & wonderful pictures Carrie. I hope good weather stays with you for a long while yet! Thanks for your recent visit! : )

Arti said...

Have a fabulous day Carrie :) Thanks for your ever encouraging comments :)

Happy Flower said...

O how wonderful for there UR Carrie. This entry feels like coming home. I have a vision-assisted computer
now that zooms up the picture. As ever you are marvellous with words and photographs. God Bless, Happy

Happy Flower said...

I am at

O but U already found me.
Happy Thanksgiving
Gobble Gobble

Leovi said...

Yes, that delightful frame. That pretty light with great colors. Excellent macros.

Anonymous said...

Hello Carrie
A very happy belated Thanksgiving day wish for you my friend. I hope you had a great time.
I love your macro shots and the perspective. It's so good to be able to see photo's from you and your part of the world and just admire the beauty that you see

Have a lovely day dear Carrie x

Lisa Gordon said...

What a beautiful post, Carrie, and probably the top reason that I love photography so much. I've seen so many things, that I never would have even thought about let alone see.

Your images here are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hello to you Wonderful!

Growing as a human being and achieving our dreams is meant to be a fun experience, it’s what we’re here for, it’s what we’re designed to do. The problem in today’s society is that there are so many things that we get caught up in which can do the opposite. There are many different obstacles that we must overcome in our lives, and there always will be, but they don’t have to be looked at as negative experiences. Everything we do in our lives is a lesson of some kind, even the most negative experiences have some kind of lesson to be learned, usually the most important ones. Life can be an amazing adventure. The ups and the downs are all there for a reason. Life is good! I hope that you can say the same.

Arti said...

Hey Carrie,
I would so love if you could blog more frequently. Your posts are so heart warming and also give us lessons in how to lead our lives.
Thanks for your comments on my blog despite the fact that you are not blogging yourself.
Hope you have a wonderful week :)

Dianne ... Walking In His Grace said...

Carrie, I love your view, and your focus, here, and how you composed each image along with your words. Nice work Carrie. You do amazing things with that camera of yours.
Hope all is well. Have a great rest of the week.
Hugs, Dianne :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, just trotting by to say 'Hello'. I reread and re-viewed the post. I chuckled and wondered at how much of the world I missed, especially when indoors teaching or doing paperwork. These photographs give me greater appreciation of the moments of this world.

Big Smiles

I am at

Anonymous said...

This is an older post, but I still wanted to say a word or two about those beautiful images. The colours are simply stunning and the first close-up is nothing less than magical. Wonderfully captured and processed.