Book God’s Garden of Nature Volume I

Sharing my new book I created from my blog posts here at God’s Garden of Nature.   I wanted to preserve my creativity with these blogs in a book form for myself as well as others to enjoy.

I am not experienced in making a book or writing, so it is not perfect.  I did spend a great deal of time trying to get the right formatting for my blogs to be seen in book form and still maintain the same eye flow as my blogs here have done.   It was not an easy task and took a great deal of my time, but I did enjoy the process.  I am still not satisfied with some of the photos in the book.  They could have been larger, but I had only so much room to work with and still maintain a flow and get as many blogs in this book as I could.

I used a 6 X 9 inch paperback size with 60 pages to try and keep the costs down.   The book includes roughly half the blogs I have created here.  I hope to have a Volume II out sometime in the future.  For now I need to take a break from the whole process.  I also hope in the future to convert the book to e-book which one can be order at a much cheaper price for ipads.  At present Blurb does not support conversion to other e-readers.  My present fonts I had used in my book are not excepted for my e-book conversion I will have to redo all my fonts and hope it will not throw everything to far out of line. 

I do hope you enjoy viewing the book and feel free to order or share with anyone you think might enjoy it.

The viewing can be enlarged by hitting the screen enlargement icon next to the cart icon.  If you have trouble viewing the book on this post here is the link for it at Blurb in my book store.  The price is also listed here 

So this and many other projects have been keeping me busy and away from the blogging world.   I miss my visits with all of you and hope to be by soon to see what has been happening in your world. 

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Here I Am/Carrie


Arti said...

The book looks very good! Its a pleasure to read your posts and it must be wonderful to go over your posts at leisure.
Have a wonderful weekend Carrie :)

Penny Whiteway said...

great idea, Carrie

Beth said...

Your book is beautiful Carrie!


Leovi said...

I congratulate, a book full of beautiful pictures of nature, a real gem. I really enjoyed your view. Greetings.

Joe said...

I think that's a great idea Carrie! I once seriously considered putting my old pictures and mission experiences in a book but did a short series on my blog instead. I salute your effort!

Anonymous said...

Hello Carrie

Thank-you for all of your visits to The Word Zoo. I like that you leave long responses, reminding of the days when WLS decided it would reduce length of our comments. Well I suspect that cuts costs of data farming, er, data ranching.

I would happily order 3 copies for Christmas shopping but we do not do online shopping. Looked at Blurb site for an address so we could send an old-fashioned cheque and there is no physical address for this company - based in US? Canada?

Often run into this problem when wanting to buy something. I might try our local bookstore and see if they can bring in a copy? Rest assured will find a way to support your project! I am so happy for/proud of you for taking this initiative.

It's 5 PM here and so dark it feels like midnight.

I am hoping you/family are well as can be.

Big Smiles

Anonymous said...

Delightful photos are only brought more to life more by your inspirational expressions.
For some reason this hasn't been showing up in my reader feed, must have a look into that! I can see there is some catching up for me to do here...

Dianne ... Walking In His Grace said...

Love your book Carrie. You did a great job putting this all together.
Maybe one of these days, I will find time to do a project like this. Good Luck with your sales, and all your endeavors.
ox Dianne :)

Daniel LaFrance said...

Congratulations Carrie!

Your entrepreneurial spirit shines!

RedWillow ~ a Beauty seeker said...

oh my goodness. I had a look though the book you just made and it is beautiful Carrie. You really inspire and I thank you for that.
I know I have the time in my life and maybe in the new year I will take it and just put one together. Its a lot of work and yours in stellar. Love it. I might have to get one.

RedWillow ~ a Beauty seeker said...

It feels good to catch up with you.
Life has been busy and I guess at this time of year it will be more so. I bet you have your tree up.
I need to start my traditional mess and do that as well and for me putting up my tree is a mess , a traditional mess.
Much Love my friend.

RedWillow ~ a Beauty seeker said...

Three is Lucky so Happy Monday :~)

Arti said...

Hope you have a lovely week Carrie :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations with the book. What a splendid idea, and even though it's taken a lot of work, you must be excited to see the final result. The book looks really nice.

Rick said...

Nice work on the book Carrie and a great way to preserve your creativity. I've made several photo books - on family, travels, a few favourite shots, etc (used Shutterfly) - but not from my blog. Great idea, although it is quite time-consuming.