Dawn to Dusk at the Salton Sea

The silence of darkness is broken
at the Salton Sea by the rising of the sun.

Photos by Here I Am Carrie

Breaking across the horizon it casts a new light on a new day.

Photos by Here I Am Carrie

Time seems to stand still as the sun
slowing moves towards the sky.

Photos by Here I Am Carrie

The day slips by often so quickly one forgets
to take time for those special moments here.

Photos by Here I Am Carrie

A simple drive or walk to a special place
where you can connect with nature again.

Photos by Here I Am Carrie

When one does reconnect the moment
stands still as God surrounds you again.

Photos by Here I Am Carrie

Nature will give you a show,
to remind you to come back often.

Photos by Here I Am Carrie

A peaceful feeling is felt here at the Salton Sea
when one takes the time to sit and watch the changes.

Photos by Here I Am Carrie

Not only spectacular sunrises but also
glorious moon rises will greet you when you show patience.

Photos by Here I Am Carrie

God spreads his light across the sea
and into your body.

Photos by Here I Am Carrie

You feel his presence all around you.

Photos by Here I Am Carrie

You thought you had lost him and he felt so distant.

Photos by Here I Am Carrie

But those quiet moments in nature
will always help you to feel close again.

Photo by Here I Am Carrie

Get close to nature and God will get close to you
and have a
Good Morning…  Good Afternoon…   Good Night…
What ever it is to you.

Photos & Words
Here I Am Carrie


Beth said...

The photos are so beautiful! Thank you Carrie!

john bord said...

great stuff
thank you

Joe said...

Love these photos my friend. I've seen little of the sun. Two feet of snow and -15 degrees does that :(

Arti said...

The first best thing to connect with God is nature and the second best is your post. Thank you, Carrie .. God bless you for all the positivism and optimism you spread through your pictures and words. Your post is a bright ray of sunshine in itself which takes me all the way to my soul. Hope you are doing well, always a pleasure to hear from you. :)

Kevin Dowie said...

Nice series of photos Carrie, well done.

Anonymous said...

Great shot of the moon there, how freeing it can be when we take the oppurtuniy to enjoy those moments. I am glad you could share all this.
I'd almost rather be snow birding when I see the sun in those wonderful pictures you posted instead of waiting for Summer here, let alone a chance of warmer springtime weather which takes forever it seems. Sometime I hope to visit the warmer Salten Sea area... for now these pictorials will have to do.

Leovi said...

Yes, I like these excellent catches of nature and sky, beautiful photos!

Linda said...

Beautiful captures!

Fernando Santos (Chana) said...

Excelentes fotografias....

What Karen Sees said...

This is a beautiful series of photos. So Peaceful!

Lisa said...

Each is Beauty and I feel the peace with each photo that comes across my screen.. Gorgeous Carrie. Just stunning both in words and beauty. Hugs
soon you will be home and see the rivers rise , the grass green ,Enjoy your time down there.

JennyD said...

Carrie! Darlin' Carrie! I am so glad to see you. I saw your note on my page tonight and yes, I was devastated to hear that TG (technogran) had passed away. I knew it was coming but I kept hoping for a miracle. When she made arrangements for her Kerri, I cried buckets. I hope she's doing ok without her mum.
But YOUR page is still exquisite! I have 3 years of catching up to do and will start not too far in the future. One more surgery to go and that's this coming week, some recoup and I'm off and running! See you soon, Carrie, and MUAH!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and captivating images with such intense colours. I like both the sunrise and the moon-rise pictures, and the different feeling they evoke. Very nice, Carrie.

PETRO50 said...

Very interesting and engaging photos. Twilight evokes a feeling. Nice pictures. Greetings to you.

Michiko Johnson said...

I think of the instant reaction by the skys I love very much.
The differing temperatures rolled leaves that in the your photos from another trees.
Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

I warmly greet you and invite you to watch a new photo album on my blog. Have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos!