Little Globes Like Little Worlds

The Globe Thistle, within it lies it’s own little world.  Like a little planet suspended over its bed, they float above the rest of the garden. 

Photo by Here I Am/Carrie


Tiny blooms begin to explode on the globe surface.Photo by Here I Am/Carrie


Drawing close those that rely on the nectar the tiny flowers produce.Photo by Here I Am/Carrie


 The beauty isn’t lost after the flower dies as the shape alone
and seeds to come continues to bring new life and an  interesting
feature to the garden.Photo by Here I Am/Carrie 

This beautiful globe continues to blossom into the fall.Photo by Here I Am/Carrie


Soon to wither yet knowing it has provided food to another species.Photo by Here I Am/Carrie


Only to one day bloom again to feed those who are
attracted to it’s beauty.
Photo by Here I Am/Carrie

Not just another flower, but another world
where it has found balance so that it may add something
back to that which it is rooted.

Finding a way in your world to give something back
to help bring balance to those around you.  Whether in
the bloom of your life or going to seed, you have something
to share.

Wishing everyone a bloomen
Good Morning…  Good Afternoon…   Good Night…
What ever it is to you..
Photos & Words
Here I Am/Carrie


Rocket Man said...

Wonderful series, Carrie!

Toodie said...

Pretty little globes. Love the photos and verse as always my friend. Thankyou for your visits. You brighten my day.

Anonymous said...

Cool photos Carrie, best reguards - Janae("-")

Mei said...

Thanks Carrie, always love to see you dropping in, looks like I need to join the move soon, why always when i need to work on something big, and there is something going on in the other end of the world, I am getting there to have my menu update soon, still a lot need to sorted, don't like wasting another mins, time is running out on me! LOL... hope all is well down your part of the world, i love all the hard work you did with your garden, your veg and flower. WOW! You make me feel small. Mei

Gerry said...

Really like these neat pictures!

♥→ кєяяιє ←♥ said...

Ooh, I love the globe thistle! JL and I were just admiring some the other day. Love your story about the globe thistle. Your beautiful words breath so much life into the tiny things that really matter in this beautiful world around us. Your photos are brilliant, the bokeh is awesome!!! We hope you're having a good week. Sunshine and Happiness! God bless. With love and care from Kerrie and Jaiden. xOx

Hope said...

Hi Carrie..
what a interesting world you have captured.. love the fly and bee together..I think its a fly of some sort anyway..
think also that I am going to seed.. "smile"
you are such a wonderful gift Carrie..i so enjoy coming here..
hope your day is kind and soft.

Beth said...

Who could believe a thistle could be so beautiful. You have made it so. thank you!

Lisa said...

Hi Carrie.
You sure captured the beauty of a plant that I do love . The colors draw me in as do your words.
You talk of Balance well so much can throw us off . To find it again at this time in my life feels like a new world . My Brother is doing well and stable.
Soon this plant will be part of the earth feeding everything . Just like us as we grow in this ever changing world.
Glad I finally made it here. Life has been busy here on the Farm and will be for days ahead as long as the weather holds. Its nice to see the combines roll., balers out . Life is good. Hope this finds you well , balanced and moving all your blogs from LS.
Have a beautiful day Carrie.
It always brightens my day when I stop in.
Wonderful Wonderful view thought your lens and Words.
Much Love

Lisa said...

I have to limit my time right now so I will be by your other blog as soon as I can. I know you understand.
You have blessed me with this one.
oh and I had one of these plants once.. You think you can kill these . NO way. I tired .It over took. Now I wouldnt. I was younger then and could weed with my hands not being in so much pain. Work has taken its toll on my hands and body. So be it.
again ..Loved my visit here.
Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Carrie, it has been while and i guess some wonderful blogs must be this one illustrating the whole life cycle through your mindful observation and artistic photography.



Anonymous said...

it is good to always remember that we are part of this world and even this flower has its own life which is also part of our world and without it it wouldn't work.
Thank you for your phots and words. Jana.