Simply a Sunday Sunset 7 with Colours of my Sky

Come sit with me on my deck with a nice hot spiced wine and enjoy the skies nature painted for me in the month of November .  Normally I never get to see such beautiful skies here.  I think the more then normal cloudy days and mists help contribute to the extra colour this year.

So bundle up as its getting a little chilly on the deck and just imagine that hot spiced wine.

PB090027     P9190003


 The sky always carry's my spirit away to far away places. 


 Into the golden glow the light surrounds you.


 A warm feeling always comes within yourself.

  PB080020     PB080025

 You want to fly onto rooftops for a better view.




     Ever changing making each time you look into the sky an new experience.

PB230012    PB230016 

 Sometime the patterns help you to see something new in your spirit.


 Other times it just brings a peace that only natures beauty and God can bring to us.


  When the mist rises to the the skies..
You are drawn to look deeper.


PB280098    PB280103

 In looking deeper nature brings you closer to God.


 When you are close to God you reflect back the beauty that lies within all of us.


Well friends my hot spiced wine is empty
and it is really getting cold out.

May you have a blessed
Good Morning…  Good Afternoon…  Good Night…

Photos and Words


Here I Am/Carrie


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful and breathtaking. I use that word a lot when I visit your site. I love the bowl you look out on. Those sunsets are magnificent!

nita said...

Hi Carrie,

Lovely pictures and words, awesome. It is cold here and snowing could do with some of your wine. Thank you for all your visits and encouragement - Hugs Nita.

Beth said...

Just beautiful Carrie. Your words and photos painted a lovely picture in my mind. Thank you for letting me visit with you.

Anonymous said...

Those are some beautiful photo takes!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

If you want to be a follower to my blog as well I would be humbly honored.


john bord said...

Need a fireplace on the deck for those evenings to help with the spicy wine.

Nice sojourn.

JennyD said...

Well, Carrie, you don't have to ask me twice :D
In fact I'll go one even better! I'm moving in, lol. I'll expect that spiced wine to be in hand when I knock at the door with all my belongings and my 2 cats. Scarey thought, isn't it, LOL.
Gorgeous, gorgeous photos...just like you.

KD said...

"The sky always carry's my spirit away to far away places"....damn! I've been relying on the airlines to do that for me! ;-) Nice pictures (as usual) Carrie. can't make up my mind which one I like the most. KD

Light-In-A-Box said...

Spectacular photos Carrie, looks like a wonderful evening was had with an awesome colorful sky to enjoy!

Sharon Kirby said...

Simply beautiful, Carrie.

What a marvelous Artist is our God. He paints a Masterpiece like no other, don't you think?!

Really enjoyed the sky - felt like I was sitting with you and looking up and praising God...

Pass some more hot spiced wine - let's see what God does in the morning!!


Dianne ... Walking In His Grace said...

Oh my goodness Carrie, What a Magnicicant view, and your photos are fantastic. Love what you wrote along with your Beatiful captures. Now could we please crack open another bottle of that hot spicy wine.
You truly are Blessed with nature and God's handywork.
Take care and God Bless You Carrie
Hugs, Dianne :)

Words the Windows to the Soul said...

"Faces in a fire lit sky; one wonders does the face see me. Or be it just the cloud filled fire lit sky. As I gaze up the face that I see; wonder do I forever in this the warmth of this fire lit sky"...
Peace to You

Words the Windows to the Soul said...

It has been far to long, your pictures, your view finder. Yet it is me that I see in the mind of this your wondrous view; from the Master's brush...

Words the Windows to the Soul said...

You did it again Carrie, I can't explain it; nor I do wonder should I try. I can look at what you see and our jump the words. Then there are times when I don't see anything and it is quite curious that I have seen this picture before and no words came until tonight. Every thing I touch, see or sometimes even the sound of a bird. I wish I knew I would put it in a bottle and give it to he world that they might see....
Peace to you always

Rocket Man said...

Gorgeous series, Carrie! I'm still having trouble working up the enthusiasm to get out with the camera or finding the words for a blog but I'm finally catching up on the blogs I follow. I have a feeling the flood gates are about to burst so brace yourself and stay warm!

Kerrie said...

Hello Carrie, Sensational Sunsets!!! I'd love to see you put these photographs all together into a Mosaic. Have a snuggly Sunday! With love and care from Kerrie and Jaiden. xOx

Dianne ... Walking In His Grace said...

Good Sunday Morning to you Carrie. I came back to enjoy the view, and say hello. It's a little early for the wine, so I will pass this time. I am just sitting here enjoying the view with coffee in hand. Hope all is well. Have a great day.
Hugs, Dianne :)

Lisa RedWillow said...

These each and everyone are just stunning.
I will always and for ever now that this week has left somethings with me will never look at a sunset or sunrise with the same eyes I always did. Love each of these.

michiko said...

All the sky photos are beautiful especially the Sunsets ones I loved very much.