Frozen in Time

 Nature creates it own tapestries of art.   With water as its paint and cold air as its brush,  producing paintings and sculptors frozen in time.


"Winter, a lingering season, is a time to gather golden moments, embark upon a sentimental journey,
and enjoy every idle hour. "
-   John Boswell

  PB140002    PB140009

 Natures frozen canvas is filled with the every changing movement in her.


Her frosty hand lays colours of white and blue to the warm tones of her body.

 PB210050    PB220077

 Her designs all reflect the natural beauty which is only hers to create.


With her whites and blues there is even hints of pinks while mixing shades with her body.

 PB220079  PB210056

 The texture in her painting bring out the depth in her brushes.


"Lo!  now the direful monster, whose skin clings to his strong bones, strides o'er the groaning rocks:  He withers all in silence, and his hand unclothes the earth, and freezes up frail life."  -   William Blake, Poetical Sketches -Winter, 1783 

 PB280016     PB280047

 Clinging like feathers to the green of life only to disappear with the warmth of the sun...


      She is not only a painter.   But also a sculptor.

 PB280068  PB280082

 The Yin and Yang in her.


 Life beneath her frozen mirror.

 PB280027   PB280057

"Ice on the earth, bitter black frost, and a winding sheet of snow
upon her withered breast, and deep within me, dread and ice."
-   Jessica MacBeth,
Winter Poems


"Someone painted pictures on my Windowpane last night --
Willow trees with trailing boughs And flowers, frosty white,
And lovely crystal butterflies; But when the morning sun
Touched them with its golden beams, They vanished one by one."
-   Helen Bayley Davis, Jack Frost


 Hope you enjoyed Mother Natures art thru her paintings and sculptors frozen in time.  Cold as she may be sometimes one can still find a warm feeling in the beauty that God gave her to share.

Remember to share what you can with whomever you can and help bring a warm feeling to someone’s life.

May you have a blessed
Good Morning…   Good Afternoon…   Good Night…
Whatever it is to you.

Photos & Words
except where authored

   Here I Am/Carrie


Here I Am/Carrie said...

As beautiful as it is outside right now. We have been getting dumps of snow so have spent much time outside digging walkways and keeping driveway clear. Not much time for visiting. For more of life at the ranch visit my other blog A Window to My World Hugs and stay warm Carrie

JennyD said...

Carrie, as I look through these photos and read all the beautiful and perfect reflecting words, I'm struck by the fact that if I was standing there, I would not be able to speak, but only to barely whisper so as not to disturb a single thing. The utter magnificence of it all is enough to take your breath away. No where is there a better artist than nature Herself. XOXOXO

nita said...

Wow awesome post Carrie, thank you for sharing, Hugs Nita

john bord said...

It is so dry here I seldom see nature's canvas decorated as you have shown.


Joe said...

Exquisite shots Carrie! You've really brought the artistic qualities of the season to bear here! It's looking pretty darn ugly here with the snow being in a freeze melt cycle that leaves an awful mess. I think I'd be hard pressed to show the beauty of it but you never know! God's blessings to you my friend!

Horst in Edmonton said...

Love your winter Art, Carrie.

Ramblingon said...

Joe sure said it for me. Exquisite, Carrie. Gorgeous in every way., Written and photos.

michiko said...

A BEAUTIFUL Carrie! your display with mother natures that I always enjoyed visit in here.
Thank you for sharing.

Kerrie said...

Carrie, Such a gorgeous sight to behold! Images of love, scribed by God's hands.

Your personal blog is a beautiful photo journal of the world around you, and how God whispers to me, to you through sunlight and fog, from winter to summer, clinging vines and delicate wildflowers, slimy frogs and the hearts we hold most dear.

Photo 4, Jaiden and I pointed out all the hearts that we could see. God's heart, God's love, EVERYWHERE.

Thank you Carrie, for sharing and caring. All our love always, Kerrie and Jaiden. xOx

Kerrie said...

PS: I'm so glad :) God gave someone the knowledge to invent the camera. I can not even tell you in words, how great it is to look over images time and time again, and still discover something new. Oh my gosh, Carrie, I'm going to cry. God is so-oo great!!!

Sharon Kirby said...

How delicately beautiful - Nature reflects the glory of her Creator - and we are all blessed.

Thanks for sharing these lovely, lovely photos.

GOD BLESS, Carrie!

Lisa RedWillow said...

Carrie. .I remember some of these and you added new stunning ones. I love your hearder. We have had so much snow and were snowed in for two days. Im decorationg slowly.. Its coming . I need to rest a lot as the last eight months have drained me so much . I didnt know it until he was at peace.
Loved your blog. Frozen in time is just what it is.
You should see our snow. Its georgous.
Love and Hugs
God Bless you

JennyD said...

Hey, gal :D It's now Saturday night, Dec 18th, and I know you're Christmas party is going on, SO, I thought I'd run by and press my ear up against the wall to see if I could hear anything -- like clinking glasses, dropped forks, crazy laughter, or the whole group standing up and cheering you for the great job you did in setting the entire thing up :D xoxoxo

JennyD said...

(that was supposed to be "YOUR Christmas party", not "you're", good grief). It must have been the clinking glasses that threw me off ;)

Words the Windows to the Soul said...

You have done it again, I already know the title "Silent Mountain", one look and the picture froze me and the words stated in that which is my mind. Within my words are your pictures, I do wish others could see and hear what I do when I come here. And besides there is a flute in the closet that has not been played in years....
Peace to You my friend Carrie

Words the Windows to the Soul said...

I think you will like this one.....

Kerrie said...

May the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow. Wishing you and your family love, joy and happiness. Merry Christmas.

Light-In-A-Box said...

Awesome photography Carrie, very inspiring! It raises my spirits for the cold winter!