Happy New Year from the Shores of the Salton Sea

Sharing in this New Year with my photos of my 2010 calendar of the Salton Sea where we always spend a few winter months.  Sharing with you also my quotes I created for each month. 

May your New Year be full of Hope for the future of all people, animals and this beautiful earth we live on.

0 cover page sea view pelicans


Treat everyday as a new beginning to a new life… Salton Sea Calendar 2010


Share your feelings with those close to you… Salton Sea Calendar 2010


Your good deeds are grains of sand added to your beach
where you will lie one day under the golden glow of his light…Salton Sea Calendar 2010


Give help to our animals friends where you can…  Salton Sea Calendar 2010


Respect our waters and the sources they flow from… Salton Sea Calendar 2010


Love and respect this planet earth for she is your provider… Salton Sea Calendar 2010


Let people see the beauty that lies within you…Salton Sea Calendar 2010


Never let your feelings dry up… Salton Sea Calendar 2010


Reflect only love connecting us all in the pattern of life… Salton Sea Calendar 2010


No mountain is too high when our creator sets your path… Salton Sea Calendar 2010


Give praise at the days end for the love you were able to share… Salton Sea Calendar 2010


Walk the shores of life looking for the treasures that lay hidden…  Salton Sea Calendar 2010

Wishing everyone Love, Health and Happiness

in this New Year and always.

We are now down in the sunny warmth of the Salton Sea, a large salt lake south east of Palm Springs in California.  I don’t have internet connection and have to depend on friends and the library so my visits and posts won’t be so often till I return back to Canada in the spring.  But all of you will always be in my thoughts and prayers.  Sending my love and for those  living in harsh winter conditions I ask that the sun comes often to visit you.  Stay safe and stay warm….  Hugs Carrie


Good Morning…   Good Afternoon…  Good Night…

Whatever it is to you…

Photos, Words & Quotes


Here I Am/Carrie


Beth said...

I am glad you are somehwere warm. It is bitter cold here with snow on the ground.
The photos are lovely.

john bord said...

Glad to see you have arrived and are settling in.
Hope you have a safe and prosperous year.

Love your little calendar
Have you considered putting it with days
It is sharp little presentation.

Peace of the Lord be with you

JennyD said...

Magnificent, Carrie! Oh, I just loved this! Of course, I had to read down to April and see what "my" month had to say and I was very happy. Considering that animals have always played the paramount role in my life, that was perfect :)
Hey, take care of your back, sweetie. Be careful.

Toodie said...

Wonderful calendar Carrie. Can I print them off? Really? Wowsers! I hope. Hope it's warm and beautiful at your winter home. Thank you for your input on my chickiepoos also!

Dianne ... Walking In His Grace said...

Hi Carrie, Glad to see you made it safely,and hope you are all settled in, and have a wonderful time away, soaking in the sun, and warmth, and hope your back is better.
What a wonderful calendar! Love the quotes, and the photos are all amazing. You did a great job.
Take care and have fun!
xx's Dianne :)

Anonymous said...

I see you are where you need to be, difficult to leave sometimes but there will be other snows at home. Right now though it's important to enjoy where you are at, that is a wonderful place. Just take it easy for now, looks like it is doing you good already by your wonderful calender photos and inspirations. Sure glad to keep in touch a little when you can Carrie, stay inspired("-")

Gerry said...

Beautiful pics Carrie! And I'm glad you are where it is warm :)

Ramblingon said...

Beautiful pictures and impressive calender Carrie. Oh how good to be warm outside. Did your critters come with you?

nita said...

Hi Carrie,

Great pictures and words, like your calender. Hugs Nita

Light-In-A-Box said...

Hi Carrie, looks like a wonderful place to hang out for the winter! I like the hills in the background! Wish we were there...
Michael, from the temporary frozen tundra of Alberta!

Joe said...

It has been a dreary winter I have to admit...not colder then I've ever seen it...just dreary as can be. I've tried to warm myself with pictures of Africa and that has been nice but I'm still cold! This year we will spend more time in the tropics and even plan to be in Ghana next January...ah! Thanks for sharing the delightful pictures my friend!

Anonymous said...

These photographs are wonderful!

KD said...

Nice work Carrie.

Sharon Kirby said...

YAY, Carrie - you're out here in California! Practically around the block! These were lovely photos (as always) and the words you gave to them were precious.

Thank you for sharing - and enjoy the SONshine!!


Mei said...

Hi Carrie, hope you're having a good time with the sunshine California! The new job is hard work, but after three weeks, and with some advice... body and mind feels strong and happy... mood is steady! :-)

I find a very good Chinese Painter in USA, am looking for more info about his course. Never been to USA... would be nice for a new adventure. Enjoy your break Carrie. Mei

Mei said...

Forgot to say... the picture are beautiful, would be lovely to hang on my wall in the kitchen, you forgot the days! :-)

Lisa RedWillow said...

Well Girl . I miss you . This is of course fantastic . I loved each and everyone of them.
Your photos are art and food for the soul .Your words calming. Nice work.
Hugs and Hope your back is ok.

Mei said...

Happy Chinese New year Carrie! 恭喜發財!