Sunny Sunflowers


Standing tall against the sky
Your smile reflects to those who pass by…

sunflower red


A glow so bright and strong
One soon forgets a world of wrong…



Sometimes shedding tears
Life can be full of many fears…



Those that pass by are drawn
like a sunrise at a morning dawn.



Basking in your glow
you help one to feel life’s flow…

sunflower ring of fire (3)


Your light may sometimes dim
but you always learn to smile again…

sunflower big head


Tired you may seem to feel,
but soon to come more seeds of hope to heal…. 



Spreading your love you light up the world again…

sunflower (7)sunflower multi (2)


Reaching for the sky 

sunflower multi (4)


Your beauty and color shines even in the darkest places…

sunflower ring of fire (4)


I hope the rays of a  sunflower can filter deep into you and shine a light in your heart…



May your life be filled with sunny sunflowers
and have a
Good Morning…    Good Afternoon…   Good Night…Whatever it is to you…

Photos & Words


Here I Am/Carrie

Bumbling Thru Life

Many find that they bumble not buzz thru life.
The pressures of everyday existence  cause some to move at a much slower pace.  Going about their daily lives in solitude.
Photo by Here I Am/Carrie

While some enjoy surrounding themselves with others.Photo by Here I Am/Carrie

When joined together the bumblers can create quit a buzz.Photo by Here I Am/Carrie

Buzzing here and there trying to keep
up with the other bumblers who are really buzzing.
Photo by Here I Am/Carrie

Some feel like they are on top of the world.Photo by Here I Am/Carrie

Working harder and harder
always searching out for more of life’s nectar.
Photo by Here I Am/Carrie

Many find themselves even toiling away
into the night with only the light of the moon
to guide them.
Photo by Here I Am/Carrie

Some find themselves in the quiet and all alone.
  Enjoying their solitude and the light
 of  the moon shines on them.
Photo by Here I Am/Carrie

While some find themselves trying hard to be
like the others, but are different and feel they don’t belong.
Photo by Here I Am/Carrie

Weather buzzing, bumbling, or just existing. 
You help create a balance in God’s Garden of Nature.
Photo by Here I Am/Carrie

So embrace yourself for who you are
and have a
Good Morning…   Good Afternoon…  Good Night…
What ever it is to you.
Photos &  Words
Here I Am/Carrie