Sparks of Colors To Make You Smile

While some see the desert as a barren colorless landscape.  Those with eyes to see all that God’s garden of nature has to offer will also see the splashes of colors that are sometimes added to just to make us smile.

Desert In Bloom


Desert In Bloom


Desert In Bloom


Desert In Bloom

Are you smiling…..

Desert In Bloom


Desert In Bloom


Desert In Bloom


Desert In Bloom

People can be that way sometimes.  They seem so full of color and life, living in an otherwise hopeless situation.  Their presence is also God’s way of making you smile when life seems so colorless and barren around you.  That spark of color that gives hope.

Desert In Bloom

So weather a flower in nature or a person in your community, when you see that spark of color, remember God put them there because he wants to see you smile.  Better yet be that spark of color in your community.  Think of the smiles you could bring.

And have a
Good Morning…   Good Afternoon…   Good Night…

Photos & Words
Here I Am/Carrie


Horst in Edmonton said...

Carrie, such a fantastic splash of color indeed. Love your flower photos.

Beth said...

It is wonderful to hear from you again Carrie. The flowers are beautiful and you are a lovely splash of color to your blogging friends. Bless you!

Joe said...

Spectacular photos and great thoughts here today my friend, it's always a treat to see a new post from you!

Kevin Dowie said...

Nice photos Carrie. Good to see you back after what seems like a lengthy break! :-)

Kerrie said...

Hi Carrie, We always remember you and miss you dear friend. Jaiden still wishes/wants to come to Canada to see you. I'm with him on that! I hope you've been receiving the emails I've been sending you. Anyway, I was beginning to worry, so I am glad you've posted a new blog here. Beautiful photos, as always! Write me, when you can. Love, Kerrie and Jaiden xoxo

Mei said...

Beautiful photos Carrie! Nice words... wish I can write better! :-(

Anyway, maybe after tidy up I will think about blogging again. Not ready yet! Sweet dream Carrie! Mei

Katie Isabella said...

Carrie, as perfect as though I were standing right there gaving at them.


Arti said...

Amazing shots as always! Love those colors, yellows purples whites... And also your narration, yes, we do remember God when we see all the beauty all around us.
Wonderful post, Have a lovely sunday Carrie:)

Light-In-A-Box said...

I see your at it again, making the most wonderful blogs that is!

Very nice Carrie.. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the blessings of the wonderfuldesert flowers Carrie - this sparks my ambition to get back out there with the camera("-")

Lisa RedWillow said...

Gorgeous Carrie. I did smile. Love your view.