My Father Gave Me Nature

My Father in heaven created nature.
My Father on earth taught me to
see, respect and love it.
When we were children my dad always
took our family out camping in nature.
From mountain tops to rivers, to lakes, ocean beaches
and everything in between, he took us where we
learned to fish, swim and hike without fear, but most important to respect God’s creation of nature.

My dad showed me
what God had created for us.

Photos by Here I Am/Carrie


From the small world of creatures
that are often not seen.

Photos by Here I Am/Carrie


To the large ones that can be so elusive.

Photos by Here I Am/Carrie


To scenic landscapes that one learns
always to view filled with awe.

Photos by Here I Am/Carrie


My dad shared with me
all that nature had to
offer when I was growing up.

Photos by Here I Am/Carrie


I learned to see all the details
God had created for us.

Photos by Here I Am/Carrie


My dad taught me how to feel the
colors and moods that nature presented.

Photos by Here I Am/Carrie


To walk with my eyes open
taking in all of natures wonders.

Photos by Here I Am/Carrie


My dad showed me how important
family is and how we should always stay close.

Photos by Here I Am/Carrie


To my Father in Heaven and my Father on earth.
I thank you for your gift of nature
and your gift of love.

Photos by Here I Am/Carrie


I wish you my dad and all fathers
a Happy Fathers Day
where you are surrounded by nature
in some way.

Photos by Here I Am/Carrie

May everyone have a day in nature
and have a
Good Morning…  Good Afternoon…   Good Night…
Whatever it is to you.

Photos & Words
Here I Am/Carrie


Horst in Edmonton said...

Awesome photos and Verse, Carrie. Wish my Dad would have done that. My Dad was a farmer and we learned about nature and life on the farm.

NITA said...

Hi Carrie,

Great pictures and words for Father's day. Sounds like you had a happy childhood.

Have a great Sun/Son day

Hugs Nita.

Beth said...

Beautiful words to accompany the the lovely pictures. Thank you Carrie!


TexWisGirl said...

really lovely, carrie. nice to hear from you again.

Dianne ... Walking In His Grace said...

I am in "Awe" of all your Beautiful photograghs of nature. I love all that you shared here . This is a wonderful tribute to your Heavenly and earthly Father..
Have a Beautiful day Carrie.
Hugs,Dianne :)

Joe said...

Delightful post my friend, I never walk away empty handed from your blog!

Lisa RedWillow said...

Carrie this blog is so beautiful and so full of the peace that can only come and be driven by the Hand of God. Thank you for sharing your life though nature. Took me back to my childhood and my Dad. Lakes rivers streams hunting and fishing. . even the golden sand up North from me was not even over looked.
Loved your blog and your Blessed me as well.
Hugs . Have a lovely week ahead.

Kerrie said...

Hi Carrie, I love my visits here with you! Your gorgeous photograhpy and words always lift my spirits. With the ever increasing cost of living I'm just managing to keep my head afloat. But I promise you, one of these days I will buy your published book. I truly will, I want to keep it with my special treasures that will be Jaiden's one day. I'm glad I saved all the beautiful images you've sent me via email over the years and I did save all the photos you posted in my Windows Live Guestbook. Much love to you always! Kerrie xoxo

Rick said...

A wonderful tribute to fathers, and Our Father !

Beautiful photos of His handiwork !

Dianne ... Walking In His Grace said...

Happy Canada Day, Carrie :)
Your blog with all your Beautiful photos and writings is a wonderful presentation of your part of ourGreat Country we call home.
Hugs, Dianne :)

Arti said...

This is such a heartfelt tribute to a father. Just loved the way you composed this whole post. It is our Father in heaven who gave us the nature and our father on earth did teach us all that we are today. Amazing captures. Sorry I am a bit late on the post as I was in Japan.
Wish you a happy week ahead Carrie:)

Marco Alpha said...

Hello Carrie,
Wonderful nature images!! Shot 1 and 10 have amazing colors. The shot with the young geese is beautiful.

Many greetings,