Moving On

Often in life we can find ourselves in a standstill,
feeling no joy or excitement about the coming days.   It can last even for years, then one day the joy and excitement slowly starts to return letting you know it is time to start moving on.  It might be a job change,
end of a relationship or even a move to a new location.
Even projects or being creative might finally give you that inspiration to take steps in a new direction. 
Whatever it is your heart feels a flutter again knowing happiness lays ahead. 

Following new roads may also mean less time spent with friends who don’t understand you have your wings back and want to fly again exploring all the wonders of the world that you may have forgotten existed. 

Even here on the internet good friends are never forgotten,
however when life has grabbed you by the hand and leads you off in a different direction, your time spent with them grows less.  Follow your path to happiness and try not to feel guilty.  Know in your heart your new journey may bring a new dimension in you to share later on.

My own path has brought me to this crossroad.  I have find it harder and harder to keep up my posts and visit all those who mean so much to me here in the blogging world.  I no longer want to feel anxious about getting a blog together, I have blogged about so many subjects here and  each one reflected something I was feeling in my life at the time and felt the need to share the message I was receiving through God and nature. I have been blogging for almost 7 years now and  I am not a writer and this has always been so hard for me but I had something at the time I felt I needed to share.  However I do love photography and would like to take this time in my life to put more time into my photography ambitions and try to further my knowledge and pursue so many other activities that I have put off for so many years. 

Just taking a vacation from this blog for awhile so I can truly enjoy life and nature and perhaps get a new perspective that will be a joy again for me to share.
I have written and shared photos on so many of subjects on life and nature and don’t want to have to start repeating what I have already shared so now is a good time to visit or reread many of my older blogs if you feel there might be a message there for you.  God has blessed me with so many messages through the world of nature, something I could always relate too.

So don’t worry if you don’t see any new posts for long periods,  I am just keeping so busy with other projects and interest for a while.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement each one of you have been like a feather added to my wings,
without you I could not have learned how to fly again.
Never Say Goodbye
Only Say God Bless

Hope you enjoy this video I put together sharing my feeling.

Moving On  


Learning how to move on in life with joys of nature on the move. Created by Here I Am Carrie


So if you feel the need to get moving follow that dream
and have a
Good Morning …  Good Afternoon…   Good Night…
What ever it is to you

Words & Video
Here I Am Carrie