In a Flash of Light

In the midst of all the storms brewing around us.  Confusion abounds.  Feeling like you are often in the dark.  Then suddenly there is a flash…….

My Flowers with Flash

The beauty you thought you lost is right there is front of you.

My Flowers with Flash

Though the storm may continue to bring havoc to your world.  There is always a light shining on God’s Garden.

 My Flowers with Flash

 With that light comes the budding of new possibilities.

 My Flowers with Flash

 To see the world again with the beauty and softness that it can hold even while the storms rage.

My Flowers with Flash

I was lost in the dark,  but found a special bench that said come and stay for awhile.  So stay I will as comfort can always be found even in storms when you are surrounded with friends.

From my changing world

to yours……

Good Morning… Good Afternoon… Good Night…

Whatever it is to you..

Photos & Words


Here I Am/Carrie

Strange New Enviroment

Oh its so fun the 1st blog talking to yourself. Well I better go out and find some of my old friends. I know many of you are hideing here somewhere. No photos or blogs for awhile need time to feel my way around here. Just wanted you to know I am here even though I am still there. But no one can comment on me there. I am a lost soul in space.... Drifting into all eternity till I find my new world. Could this be it... Calling all space friends Here I Am...... Come find me if you can here..

Good Morning.... Good Afternoon.... Good Night
Whatever it is to you.
Here I Am/Carrie