10 10 10 Sunflowers

A special creative project I am participating in.  As the date is 10 10 10, I had to come up with creative ideas with photos that reflected something that had to do with the numbers 10.  Well as it is the month of the Sunflowers in bloom and I love showing off mine I couldn’t resist a chance to showcase the many different ways one can view the sunflower.


10 Single Sunflowers
Sunflowers by Here I Am/CarrieSunflowers by Here I Am/CarrieSunflowers by Here I Am/CarrieSunflowers by Here I Am/CarrieSunflowers by Here I Am/Carrie

 Sunflowers by Here I Am/CarrieSunflowers by Here I Am/CarrieSunflowers by Here I Am/CarrieSunflowers by Here I Am/CarrieSunflowers by Here I Am/Carrie

10 Single Sunflowers
with 10 new looks
P8290031 lighting coolsunflower ring of fire 1 twistP8300008 contoursunflower red stain glassP8310004 Whirl

sunflower ring of fire (2) solarsationP9050025 Impressionistsunflower (8) Neon EdgesP9050045 Embosssunflower (4) Snow

10 Single Sunflowers and 10 new looks
put together for 10 different collages

10 10 10 SunflowersCollages

10 10 10 Sunflowers610 10 10 Sunflowers2

10 10 10 Sunflowers110 10 10 Sunflowers4 

10 10 10 Sunflowers510 10 10 Sunflowers3

10 10 10 Sunflowers7   10 10 10 Sunflowers8

Hope you enjoyed my having  fun with Sunflowers
as much as I did.

I was so happy with some of these that I created I had to frame some.


Sunflowers are like smiles
They just plain brighten your day.

Hope you have a
Good Morning…   Good Afternoon…   Good Night…
What ever it is to you

Photos & Words
Here I Am/Carrie


Hope said...

all of these are so delightful.. looks like you really had fun putting them together.. you did a marvelous job on all of them. Really like all the different textures and color..
filled with delightful smiles..
soft hugs

Anonymous said...

Stunning work Carrie, they are stunning images!

Garry xox

Anonymous said...

wonderful - next doors are peeping over my fence ! noticed the time at 10.10 10.10.10 !

john bord said...

have a happy sunny tenth day

j said...

Smiles to the tenth power!

Rocket Man said...

Must not let THE BOSS see this. If she had her way our entire yard would be nothing but sunflowers!

Scott said...

Wow you really went all out on this one. Great job and thanks for sharing. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my 10/10/10 post.

Joe said...

Very creative and very well done Carrie! We celebrate this day standing in Africa where we've not been for twenty years. I feel in the grip of destiny. I truly didn't realize the day was 10-10-10 but I felt it was significant none the less. Blessings to you.

David said...

Carrie, I love it. Exellent job. Sunflowers really do brighten your day. Thanks for being a part of 10-10-10.

Ramblingon said...

LOVED these Carrie..and those sunflowers are among my favorite girls!!

darlin said...

Awesome! I also love sunflowers and flowers and nature and and and! lol You've captured some magnificent shots. Thanks for stopping of at my blog and leaving me a comment, muchly appreciated. Cheers!

holdingmoments said...

David certainly had a great idea with this challenge.
Really enjoyed these Carrie. They brighten the dullest of days. :)

Stacey Dawn said...

These are sunshine on earth! I love sunflowers - and wow - what fun you had with these. I love it!

Beth said...

I love what you have done with the sunflower collages. Just beautiful!

Lisa said...

Wow. You put so much work into this. Outstanding. Love them all.
Have a blessed week Carrie.
Thanks for your visits in the past.

Janae's Fallgirl Shepherd said...

Super good sweet fun Carrie I do enjoy sunflowers. Have a good week("-")

Anonymous said...

Your 10 10 10 project was a success. If I could cast a vote I would vote you :-)

Karen said...

I LOVE sunflowers and mine all all but gone. A great post for 10-10-2010, and thanks for stopping by!